Humans are social sorts of creatures. Not unlike the herds of bison roaming the open plains, we need one another to shield and protect ourselves from the outside world, as well as to bring one another companionship and amusement. In modern times, with everyone so busy with day to day life, jobs, kids, sports, vacations, not to mention our complete addiction to technology and virtual reality, many folks have been quietly and quickly separating and floating apart into the sea of our own aloneness. Once one has drifted away, it can be hard to grab ahold of the oars and know which direction to find our shipmates and once again set sail on a common voyage. We at Sequatchie Cove Farm by no means have a perfect ship to sail on, but we do strive to offer a solid deck to stand on and our crew is as honest and trustworthy as they come. We strive to offer a safe and welcoming place where we can build a good life together with hopes and dreams of a greener and brighter future for generations to come!



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