August 15, 2015


Using New Zealand genetics we AI'd all the cows in the dairy herd we could catch cycling this spring. Now we have 2 bulls in the herd to clean up or breed those we missed.  They are stout South Poll beef bulls born and raised on Sand Mountain at Bent Tree Farms, outside of Fort Payne, AL.  One is a hefty one ton 5 year old, the other a frisky 1 year old.In the end he reigns supreme as the unchallenged leader of the herd. When a bull is put in the herd a new  type of organizing power pervades the social fabric of the herd.  The herd of cows keeps him gentle and focused. This is important for us since he is a ton weight and can become wild. He has learned to lag behind and not go into the milking barn as it is too crowded for him.  The cows themselves become a new form of unity. The bull and his bull nature seems to round out the herd. As if without the bull the group of cows was not really the full herd they could be in this ecology. The herd is where it lives.  So, the bull like all the animals in nature does not live solely within its skin, they also live out in their surroundings- their Habitate. The cows, the bulls form unity with its surroundings, the soil, the grass, the herd, the farm, the farmer out in the farm become the unity.