Ramen recipe

Ramen Ramen broth Makes 5 quarts of ramen broth 6 quarts [5.7 L] water 2 lbs trotters [910 g] cut lengthwise 3 lb pork bones [1.4kg] (preferably leg bone, cut in half) 2 lb [910 g] chicken backs 2 leeks, peeled and cut lengthwise in half, and then into thirds 1 onion, peeled 1 small apple (optional) 1 carrot 4 oz [115 g] fresh ginger, peeled and sliced 5 garlic cloves 1 five-inch konbu seaweed 6 Dried Shitake mushrooms, hydrated To remove the odor and blood from the bones, combine the pork trotters and pork leg bone in water and cook over medium low heat for 30 minutes. Don’t worry, the essence will not escape from the bones for cooking this long. Repeat with the chicken bones, using the same water. Transfer the pork and chicken bones to a bowl. Discard the blanching water and wash the pot. Scrub and clean the bones with a brush, removing any blood. Fill the pot with the bones and 5 quarts of fresh water. Bring to a boil. Then turn heat down to a simmer. Add the ginger, garlic, onion, apple, if using, carrot, ginger, garlic, kombu and shiitake and simmer for 10 -15 hours. Reduce broth by a half. Strain and season: Remove the bones and cooked vegetables. Strain the stock through a nottoo-fine strainer and then return it to the pan. Let cool. Let stand in the fridge overnight. Degrease the broth the next day. This ramen broth will be very concentrated. Dilute with ramen broth concentrate and water before adding the Kakuni Pork Tare. Yakibuta Pork Serves 4 1.5 lbs pork belly, tied with a string 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 scallion, cut into 2-inch pieces 1 small knob of Ginger, peeled and sliced 1 garlic, peeled and sliced 2 Japanese dried red chili peppers, seeded 3/4 cup sake ¼ cup Kurosu, Brown rice black vinegar (optional) 1/2 cup soy sauce or more to taste 2 tablespoons of light brown sugar 1 Tablespoons honey Make slits into the fat of the pork belly with a knife. Also, poke the meat with a fork. Heat oil in a frying pan and sear the pork belly until brown on all sides. Remove all fat. Transfer pork belly to a pot and the scallion, ginger, garlic, chili pepper, dashi, sake, soy sauce, brown rice black vinegar, brown sugar and honey and bring to a boil over medium heat. Skim surface scum. Lower heat and simmer for an hour. Turn meat every 10 minutes. Cook until half the sauce is evaporated. Turn off heat and let the meat rest in the sauce. Let the pork rest until it’s room temperature.

Slice into 1/4-inch pieces and serve with ramen. Use the sauce for Tare - ramen sauce. To serve the Ramen Noodles You will need everything in place: Heated Ramen Broth Tare (from Yakibuta) Yakibuta Pork, sliced in ¼ inch pieces crosswise 1 cup Chopped Scallions 4 Soft boiled egg, peeled Roasted sesame seeds 1 Nori Seaweed, cut into six rectangles Shichimi pepper Dilute the concentrated ramen broth with water to make a thinner ramen broth and heat in a saucepan. Season with the Tare and salt. Optional: Add 1 Tbsp of tahini sauce for each serving of broth, if you want sesame flavor in the broth. Boil the noodles in a separate pot of unsalted water and drain them well. Divide the noodles among four separates bowls. Pour 3 cups of seasoned hot ramen broth over the noodles. Serve with toppings. Eat immediately. sesame seeds, nori seaweed, pickled ginger, Yuzu, Yuzu kosho. Serve immediately. Fresh Ramen Noodles Makes 4 portions 300 g bread flour 40 g rye flour 160 g cake flour or all-purpose flour 1 cup + 2 Tbsp water 1.5 tsp salt 2 tsp Baked baking soda* Toast the rye flour over low heat, until fragrant, about 4 minutes. Combine the rye flour, bread flour and cake flour in a medium bowl. In a separate small bowl, stir the baked baking soda, salt and cool water and mix until dissolved. Add the baking soda solution to the blended flour in three additions. This step will take about 2 minutes of mixing. Once combined into a shaggy ball, transfer it into a plastic bag and let stand at room temperature for 30 minutes. Leave the ball in the plastic bag and step on it 50 times, being careful not to tear the bag. Fold the flattened ball into three like an envelope and step on it again. Repeat 3-4 times. You can let the dough rest in the fridge over night or keep going. Cut the dough into four and roll it through the pasta machine, two times per setting, starting with 0 and ending at 4. The sheet may feel dry and break apart in the beginning but don’t get discouraged. Simply fold it and start again. Cut each sheet of dough into 1-foot length of dough, about 1/16 inch thick. Lightly dust the surface with cornstarch. Cover the sheets with a kitchen towel. Now run each dough through the thinnest pasta cutter. Gently sprinkle cornstarch and place the noodles on a baking sheet. You should have 4 portions all together. To cook the Noodles - boil one portion of noodles unsalted water until al dente, about 1 minute. Drain the noodles and add to the ramen bowl. Serve with ramen with the seasoned broth the toppings. If you have a large p