Pastured Eggs

Papa Jim feeding the chickens

Papa Jim feeding the chickens

Brooding chicks, raising pullets, feed, grains, grass, Urban chickens and uber chickens. Chickens eat grass, weeds, seeds, bugs. They scratch the ground, they add valuable fertilizer to your garden and they lay eggs - amazing.

We have a whole set of devotees who will eat only the eggs that our chickens lay. So what do we attribute this predilection of great taste to?  I will now let in you on the well kept secret passed on from antiquity to raising chickens so they lay the most amazing eggs - it is quite simple “Think like a chicken”

Chickens love to get up at first light and run out and scratch, eat, drink and start laying.  I let the laying flock out in the dark of dawn and the flock is already tuned up to a melodious hum as the crepuscular rays begin.  Most of the hens flutter out and start scratching and pecking however there are 4 or 6 that are ready to lay, they can’t wait, and with due celerity they pop around the corner, cock their head, study the nesting boxes for a minute, swoop in and start laying.  The flock stays busy all morning, all day  scratch, pecking, investigating.  By about 11am or so 90% of all the eggs they are going to lay are laid. Jim gathers the eggs and Emily sorts them. In the evening Jim goes out at dusk and tucks the flock in to bed and locks the door so the varmints can’t have chicken pot pie.  We have learned many times over that their are many creatures that love chicken sandwiches.  We move their ‘house’ every couple of days so they always have fresh grass and bugs to nibble on.  We also supplement them with certified organic grain - the flock has settled on a mix of, organic corn, organic field peas, organic flaxseed meal, organic sunflower meal and minerals, - Organic means all the grains were raised with no pesticides, no herbicides, no fungicides, no cides of any sort, no gmo, no antibiotics nothing synthetic, just soil full of life.

So when you do your next egg degustation you will know the flavor is all about the whole karma of the hens and their life (and ours) - the pecking, the laying, the gathering of eggs, the sorting of the eggs, the movement;  the energy of all this the hen bundles up in the shell and we deliver it to you in cartons weekly at the Main Street Farmer’s market or here at the farm. They always sell out so be sure to get there early.

 So think twice before you compliment someone for having a the ‘brain’ of a chicken - we ‘think like a chicken’ every day here.