West of the River Workshop

West of the River?

Why Now is the Right Time to Get Connected:

Please join your friends

From the Sequatchie Valley and the Southern Cumberland Plateau for presentations, discussion, and a farm dinner at Sequatchie Cove Farm


Saturday, October 13th from 2pm to 6pm(ish) CT



-questions:email or call 423-710-0140

Hey, Chattanoogans, if you have ever wondered about the connection between urban and rural life - and even if you haven't - then please join us for an opportunity to learn, connect, contribute and collaborate with your friends “West of the River”.

Great and small changes are to be heard, seen and felt in the Sequatchie Valley and the Southern Cumberland Plateau, just west of Chattanooga and the Tennessee River.


Our region is one of the most biologically diverse places on earth; the greatest living biologist of our time, E.O. Wilson, said that the ecosystems of this region are irreplaceable....

’A society is defined not just by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy.’


Change is in the air:  In our region’s rural and urban communities, the land, culture, and economy are shifting in palpable and often dynamic ways.

In Nature change is not just growth - a budding, blooming, fruiting - it is also a fading, decaying, dying and composting making way for and fertilizing the next step. The tension is in the balance and the navigation of these two ways: change & preservation.


How do we find the balance between change and preservation of our region?

At workshop and dinner we’ll discuss:

--  What the Sequatchie Valley and the Southern Cumberland Plateau have to do with Chattanooga and the wider region.

-  - What rural and urban collaboration looks like and why it is important.

--   Why now is the right time to connect.

-- What change looks like for the future of our region.

--  How and by whom change is being navigated.

--  What can’t be navigated and what can.

--    Who is doing amazing work.

Must RSVP by:9th (Now is a good time to do that )

More details to be sent once you RSVP or connect

Questions- thoughts - RSVP




Make new friends and increase your awareness of the interdependence of the rural and urban economies.


See you there- If you plan to attend please fill out the google doc below.