Hogs and Hams: Talk and dinner 10/28/Saturday

Hogs and Hams:Talk and Dinner

Saturday --October 28th

at Sequatchie Cove Farm

3 till (8ish ) central time


Hogs and Hams presentation is the story of a now lifelong passionate quest, in the classroom, on foot in the field and by the grill -  for the most delicious pork and the ham possessing the ultimate of regenerative evanescent flavors. Chef, educator, researcher, entrepreneur, and lifelong “hamthropologist” Bob Perry will share with us his findings from his research of breeds of hogs for growth, profitability, uses and flavors.  Like a Sancho Panza he followed his taste buds, appetite and thirst for understanding  from Kentucky to Spain and back in search of the perfect pig. 

Come- join us: - - Bob will share his hog breed research findings and regale us with stories of his epicurean pilgrimage, and his encounters with farmer friends, four-star chefs and those heavenly creatures with their love of abundance -the pig.  It will be a gastronomical, zoological, ecological, economic, and social-historical presentation all stewed into one pot.


This dinner and presentation is for anyone interested in the pleasures of food and the rich lore of pigs, farm life and human civilization.

(As a bonus Bob will share with us morsels  of his latest work with paprika made from ubatuba peppers as a source of profit and pleasure for farmers and cooks here in the south.


Cost: $45 per person(children are welcome and are free of charge)

We have limited space so register early- now is a good time http://www.sequatchiecovefarm.com/all-products-1/


Call Bill Keener if you have questions 423-710-0140 or email bill.keener@sequatchiecovefarm.com



3 to 4 casual farm walk of SCF

4 to 5:30 Presentation Hogs and Hams

5:30 Dinner

menu:pork tasting: Braised pork shoulder glazed with aged Sequatchie Cove Farm mead, grilled chops and smoked ribs, slow cooked broiled belly sprinkled with native Juniper berries,(all the pork is our Gloucestershire Old Spot pork, collards, Swancy grits with Cumberland cheese, kimchi, and apple crisp with homemade honey ice cream.

Bob Perry:  Bob Perry has been a chef in a wide variety of restaurant operations for over 30 years and is a past board member of Chefs Collaborative and many other sustainable agriculture organizations.  He now conducts leading edge food system research and teaches “Quantity Food Production” and “Civic Gastronomy: Our Local Food System” at the University of Kentucky and abroad.  He has scripted local food segments and appeared on the KET program KY Life many times and for years wrote and hosted the weekly Farmers Market Report on University of Kentucky’s NPR station WUKY.  His past research created carcass yield sheets for eight heritage breeds of pigs to help farmers and chefs be more profitable and better utilize these incredible breeds.  


His current research is exploring the production of paprika from ubatuba peppers grown on KY farms. The results of this work Bob hopes will help farmers open new paths to profitability and open new avenues of aesthetic pleasure for those of us who eat.