Porkchops create Culture

Franz Kafka one of the most profound writers of the our times said:

“So long as you have food in your mouth you have solved all questions for the time being.”

He captures why we farm, why we work daily on raising amazingly tasty food for you.  Here at Sequatchie Cove Farm we operate under the impulse that:

Food is Culture

Food is Community

Culture grows on food, food feeds culture, food feeds families, families grow on food, food feeds community, community grows on food - The only way to take this is Literally

No food - no community - the quality of food consumed is inextricably linked to the quality of culture that is created by the community.

All people eat, every culture that has ever been - is built on food.  The building block of community is sharing meals together. We strive to create community by providing individuals, families, friends, with a path way to connect, to share life stories - around a dinner table.

We want you to eat better food, to live better lives, to create a better community.

More people wake up everyday and realize that food quality matters and that it varies Wildly!  Our food is Simply better - we know this - we taste it viscerally daily; the soil, the compost, the farmer’s intentions and integrity, the diversity the ecology all make up the food you eat.  I know you know this and that is why I am writing.

So come on down to the Main Street Farmer’s Market this Wednesday from 4 to 6 http://www.mainstfarmersmarket.com/ and buy some pork chops, apples, winter squash, vegetables go home, cook it eat a meal together with family and friends and Grow your Culture and Community  

If you can't make it Wednesday we will be open on Saturday so come on out to the farm and see for yourself and buy your lunch, dinner and breakfast

ps - did you know that after millions of research studies the number #1 indicator for a happy, full, successful life - was that a child grows up in a family where that share at least one meal together - - not all the other stuff -politics, economy, education - -  just eating meals together - creates - --- ----you fill in the rest ------

Let us know what you think -need or want - send me an email or facebook/instagram post anytime.

Thanks, Bill