Gone Hog Wild

Well not quite

 We are continuing to raise full blooded exceedingly rare Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs. Click here on their English hometown website in Gloucestershire England. http://www.gospbc.co.uk/ to find out more about them. Back in the early history of the British Isles pigs either arrived or were there when the Anglo’s and the Saxon’s and the other Celtic peoples arrived. Out of these ancient pigs, sometime just after the middle ages the various counties and towns in England started to have and breed very specific animals to their local.  For example in Gloucestershire they had their own cow, pig, sheep and probably other animals as well. These distinctive animals we now call Heritage Breeds.  All over the world these animals are in dramatic decline (this is another story which I will share with you at a latter time).  We along with you are doing our part not to just keep these animals in existence but to make them a thriving part of our world again.

We started raising Gloucestershire pigs again about a year ago now, and this is our third batch.  It is hard to comprehend why more people do not raise this pig as they are amazing to work with and are wonderful foragers. Gloucestershire England is an apple growing region and the pigs foraged under the apple trees for the fallen apples and in the fall the pork was said to have a sweet cidery flavor and was sought after by the royalty of the time. Old Spot pork is riddled with fat and fat is where the flavor is and this is why it was an easy choice for us to focus on exclusively raising Old Spots - for the Flavor. The pork is simply better than any you have ever had - its flavor is nothing short of superlative.   

We are feeding them certified organic corn and barley, whey from the cheese making process and extra milk and cheese that doesn't make the grade, squash and tomatoes from the garden and of course nuts and roots and whatever they find in the woods.  We are using the pigs to root and clear a small area of woods that we hope to turn into a sylvan pasture. So the great thing is - that because of diet and exercise the tenderizing flavor sizzling fat is not just outrageously delicious it is perhaps as healthful for you as olive oil.

The meat from the Old Spot is something very special and it's not just an hyperbole statement from Sequatchie Cove Farm saying this - everyone who has ever eaten this pork says the same thing - check out this Guardian article. tttp://www.theguardian.com/life and style/wordofmouth/2010/jun/21/gloucester-old-spot-protected-status

Or as one of our customers recently said “this pork is the best meat I have ever eaten in my life.”

You should give this amazing pork a try. Hurry as we only raise these pigs in small batches and stay always on the edge of being out of pork - order our whole or half hog package and put it in the freezer. By ordering a half or whole hog package you get the excitement of trying your hand at cooking and sampling all the cuts and you save money at the same time.  

We always have pork here at the farm and at the Main Street Farmer’s Market http://www.mainstfarmersmarket.com/ on Wednesday from 4 till 6 at the Sequatchie Cove Farm booth.