Biodynamic Workshop with Jeff Poppin and Hugh Lovel

Biodynamics Workshop at Sequatchie Cove Farm
with support from Chattanooga’s Harvested Here Food Hub

With Presenters Jeff Poppin and Hugh Lovel
Saturday February 13th 2016

How farms maintain and build soil fertility and increase organic matter is the core of all agricultural discussions.  This past Saturday’s workshop at the Keener’s farm with Jeff and Hugh was no different.  There were over 50 folks in attendance about 25 or so farms were represented and lots of other gardening enthusiasts were present. They came from Alabama, Chattanooga, North Georgia and Nashville area to hear the speakers, and network and learn more about the practice of Biodynamic farming.

Jeff began by talking about how he began farming and the journey to discovering how to build fertility on his farm.  How since he didn’t have much money did he buy anything and how the search for resources on the farm led him to Biodynamics.  Each farm should be seen as a living self-contained organism.

Hugh followed up by talking about how important it is as a farmer to observe are the biological processes taking place on the farm, the dynamic movement from one state to another of mineral and organic substances.  

Both Jeff and Hugh covered many topics: soil building, soil cultivation, the use of tractors, grazing, composting, biodynamic preparation making and use, cover crops, soil testing, supplementation with minerals and rock powders, humates, nitrogen, silicon, soil food webs and how to increase the biological momentum on farms to create healthier food. 

The topics were so pertinent to the attendees, and the presentation of the two speakers so varied and interesting that the  4 to 5 hours of the workshop flew by and all felt more time was needed to go into further depth on many of these topics. - next time - .  Some of the farms in attendance were Hoe Hop Farm, Tant Hill Farm, Alexander Farm, Honey, Day Spring Farm , Wildwood Harvest Farm, Wheeler’s Orchard, and many other farms