Do you know the number one reason our customer purchase our beef?


“It is such a snap to think about what to cook for dinner now, when the beef is in the freezer I can plan the meal and what to cook on the way home - no special trip to the grocery store - it is all in the freezer”

Another customer said: “ Our dinners now are a breeze, with meat and food from the farm now no one argues or debates about the meat at dinner, knowing it is from Sequatchie Cove Farm .”

Growing grass fed and grass fattened beef is our specialty. Beef cows are able to roam freely, eating healthy grass and enjoying fresh East Tennessee air and sunshine . We work to mimic nature, and using this natural model of grazing we heal the land, clean up the waterways, produce healthier grass, feed the earthworms - which all increases the meat quality. And of course no Steroids, no Antibiotics, no Growth hormones - ever. The beef is hand-butchered the old fashioned way, by the Westmorland family in New Hope, TN and by men and women whose name we know, using a knife, one beef at a time. It is a long slow process, 2 to 3 years it takes us to produce one beef - but we know you would not want things any other way. —- Transparency Found —: come visit anytime and shop at the farm Trading Post - sign up for our email and facebook and we will let you know when we have a farm tour and other events .  

We work hard at giving our animals the best. That means that Sequatchie Cove pastured beef has the highest quality nutrition available. It all comes from from our family farm to your family table. 

If you're looking for quality beef with no hormones and no toxins from happy cows on good land - you've found it. 

Contact Kelsey Keener for more information.