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*To Pay With Cash Please Email Bill.Keener@sequatchiecovefarm.com or Call us @ 423-942-9201*

*Starting August 2016 our Trading Post will be OPEN every Saturday from 9-11 central time for the summer/fall growing season!!

Trading Post

Trading Post

Pre-order here, then pick up your selections weekly at the Main Street Farmers' Market (Located @ 325 E. Main St. in Chattanooga), or at the farm's Trading Post at Sequatchie Cove farm (by appointment.)


Ground Beef
from 72.33

10,20,or 50 lbs.

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12 lb Small Beef Box

2 lbs. steaks, 5 lbs. mixed roasts, 5 lbs. ground

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50 lb Large Beef Box

20 pounds ground beef, 20 pounds roasts ( sirloin tip, eye of round, rump, top round, chuck and stew meat), and 10 pounds steaks(sirloin, ribeye, ny strip and filet)

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3 lbs. Filet Mignon (SOLD OUT)

Filets vary from .3-.8 lb. packages

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Beef Fat

2.50/lb. Let us know how much you would like.

Whole and 1/2 Beef

Whole Beef - $4.25/lb.   1/2 Beef $4.35/lb.

Email Kelsey Keener at Kelseydk@hotmail.com or call 423-802-0516 for more info



6 lbs Lamb Burger

Package includes 6 one pound packs of delicious ground lamb.

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6 lb Grill Master Lamb Package

3 pounds Lamb Chops, 2 pounds Ground Lamb, 1 pound Lamb Leg Steak

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10 lbs Slow Cooker Lamb Package

3-5 pounds Lamb Roast (either shoulder or leg roast), 2-3 pounds Stew Meat, 1-2 pounds Shank, 1-2 pounds Soup Bones

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20 lb Half Lamb

3 pounds ground Lamb, 3 pounds Lamb Stew, 5 pounds Leg Roast, 4 pounds Lamb Chops, 2 pounds Lamb Shank, 1 pound liver/ heart, 2 pounds bones for broth

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40 lb. Whole Lamb

6 pounds ground Lamb, 6 pounds Lamb Stew, 10 pounds Leg Roast, 8 pounds Lamb Chops, 4 pounds Lamb Shank, 2 pound liver/ heart, 4 pounds bones for broth

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Pork Lover's Special


Weight Estimate - 25 to 55 pounds. Price Estimate - $173 to $382

Pack Includes: Pork Chops - cut 3/4" thick 4 to a pack - 3 to 5 packs, Shoulder Roasts - 3 to 5lb roasts 2 to 5 packs, Breakfast Sausage 1 pound packs 12 to 25 packs, Link Sauasage 1 pound packs (mix spices 3 to 7 packs), might also contain Spare Ribs

Succumb to Taste


-Weight estimate 70 to 100 pounds -Cost estimate $486 to $6.95

Pork chops - cut 3/4" thick 4 to a pack - 8 to 12 packs, Shoulder roasts - 2 to 5 pounds each - 4 to 6 roasts, Breakfast sausage - 1 pound packs - 25 to 30 pounds, Spare ribs, Link sausage -mix of Italian, Polish, Brat

Link Sausage Pack

Link Sausage Pack

20 pounds
$7.50 pound

mix of Italian, Polish, Brats. 

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Whole and 1/2 Hog

Whole hog - $3.45/lb.  Half hog - $3.75/lb.

Email Kelsey Keener at Kelseydk@hotmail.com or call 423-802-0516 for more info


Milk for Pets
from 4.41
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Cream for Pets(sold out)
from 3.39

This cream is not for whipping.

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Deliveries to the Main Street Market (located @ 325 E. Main St. in Chattanooga) on Wednesdays are free of charge. If you are wanting an order delivered to Chattanooga at another time there is a $25 Delivery Fee.